Medical therapeutic and relaxation massage appointments available.

Have you been in a car accident, or do you have a work or other type of injury that would benefit from a therapeutic massage?  

Or are you looking to  de-stress with a relaxation massage?  We offer both.  

Call (360) 568-3121 now to schedule an appointment.

We also offer pregnancy massage...

Other therapies include cupping and sports massage...

Snohomish Massage Therapy

at Chiropractic Pain Relief Clinic
1207 13th Street, Suite G
Snohomish, WA 98290



Massage Therapy Hours (by appointment only)

Monday-Friday 9:00am – 6:00pm




Snohomish Massage FAQs:

During my massage will I be covered?

You will be covered by a sheet and at all times to keep you comfortable. The therapist will only expose the area of your body she is working on. You should let your masage therapist know if you are uncomfortable at any time for any reason.

By Joan West, LMP (Snohomish massage therapist)


Must I be completely undressed?

The answer is no. You should undress to your  level of comfort. Some of our patients prefer to be completely undressed, while others prefer to keep their undergarments on. This is completely up to you. Also, you will have the privacy of your massage room to dress and undress, and will be securely covered by a blanket and a sheet during your massage session with only the body part being worked on exposed.

By Joan West, LMP (Snohomish massage therapist)


How often should I get a massage?

Some patients get massages as preventative care or to manage daily stress. Some of those patients will get massages weekly and others monthly. If you need medical massage treatments for an injury, your doctor’s prescription usually specifies the frequency of treatments. 

By Joan West, LMP (Snohomish massage therapist)

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